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i'm made up from the stars

(i'm shining so bright)

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Sionnain's Fan Fiction
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Hi! I'm sionnain, and this is my fanfiction comm, so...it's cleverly called sionnain_fics! I'm original like that.

You can find my public fandom journal on Dreamwith! Sionnain on DW. My personal LJ is flocked, but I post publicly about fandom on DW.

I am currently writing most of my fanfiction in C6D fandom. This includes due South, Battlestar Galactica, Hard Core Logo, Slings and Arrows, Twitch City and some RPS with a few other odds and ends. I have a lot of X-Men (mostly comic-verse, though occasionally evo-verse and movieverse) as Harry Potter fanfiction archived here, although I am no longer writing in those fandoms. All of my fic is organized by tags.

My BSG OT3 is Sam/Kara/Leoben, and I also love Kara/Leoben and Kara/Sam. For Due South, I like just about any pairing, but I'm mostly partial to Kowalski/Vecchio and Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio. Hard Core Logo, I'm a Joe/Billy shipper, and I like the special-hell RPS, too. :D In X-Men my OTP is Sinister/Rachel (Nathaniel Essex/Rachel Summers-Grey), Jean Grey/Emma Frost, and I love Jean/Scott/Emma as well. Canonically, I love both Scott/Jean and Scott/Emma, though I have a slight preference for the latter :)

Most of my fics are one-shots. I've written two multi-chaptered, complete fics: one in HP, and one in X-Men.

Ice is my story of the courtship and marriage of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy.

title or description

This is the story of Rogue and how she ended up in the Brotherhood instead of the X-Men. Takes place a few months after X2, is an AU as it was written before X3.

All my fics are organized by tags; by pairing, character, and fandom.

Thank you for reading!

Layout desiged by sionnain.

You can reach me at sionnain[at]livejournal[dot]com, or hercupofstars@gmail.com.


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