[fic: i'll kiss you again between the bars, mike sweeney/ray kowalski, rated adult]

title: I'll kiss you again between the bars
author: sionnain
fandom: durham county/due south crossover
pairing: mike sweeney/ray kowalski
rating: adult
warning: consensual d/s
summary: "Metal, four fucking sides, and some bars."

an: The only backstory you need for this fic is that Valerie is a colleague of Ray's, who waltzforanight and I made up for our what else would you have me be? 'verse. Val works in Vice, and is in the know about our boys kinky lifestyle. Really, though, this is pretty much just porn. I failed at Kink Bingo, but I made myself a card anyway because THAT'S HOW I ROLL. \renegade/ This is for the prompt cage, confinement, and for some reason these two having snarky, consensual kinky sex makes me :D!!

Thanks to waltzforanight for the beta! Title from the Elliot Smith song Between the Bars.

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[ficlet: gold medal performance, due south/durham county]

Title: Gold Medal Performance
Fandom: due South/Durham County
Pairing: Ray Kowalski/Mike Sweeney
Rating: MA
Word Count: 300
Summary: It's too bad there's no gold medal for being an ass or knowing how to push buttons. Mike and Ray would be an unstoppable team.
AN: Written for the prompt winter games for ds_snippets. Thanks to inlovewithnight for the read-over.

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fic: terminus, rated r. kara/leoben, battlestar galactica

Title: Terminus
Author: sionnain
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Pairing: Kara/Leoben
Rating: R
Warnings: Knifeplay, though mild.
Spoilers: Up until mid-season 4; story is set while Kara is on the Demetrius and trying to find Earth...through finger-painting. :D?

AN: Written for the C6D porn tag. Thanks to spuffyduds for the beta. My apologies this was not a)pornier and b)more cheerful. If your version of porn is emotional masochism and angst with very little sex and knifeplay....um, this may be right up your alley.

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[fic: tonight i'll burn the lyrics, durham county, mike sweeney/pen verrity, rated ma]

Title: tonight i'll burn the lyrics
Author: sionnain
Fandom: Durham County
Pairing: Mike Sweeney/Pen Verrity
Rating: MA
Warnings: Gunplay, suicide. Darkfic, please be advised.
Spoilers Season 2 of Durham County, esp. the finale.
Word Count: 2050
Summary: . . . by showing mercy I have often been the loser. Even now I know that I am making a mistake.

AN: For the lovely akamine_chan, who is awesome because I told her I wrote her fic with the above warnings, and her response was gleeful twirling of my person via email. *giggles* ILU, Aka! *smishes* This is also written for the c6d_universe Mortal Sins challenge, specifically wrath and envy. Thanks to waltzforanight and inlovewithnight for the beta. Title from the Avett Brothers song Laundry Room, and the Summary/Pen's quote is from Euripedes' Medea (right before Jason realizes Medea has killed their children.) Incidentally, I really did read that article in graduate school that Pen references about suicide methods based on gender in classical drama, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called.


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fic: i will show no mercy for you (you have no mercy for me)

Title: i will show no mercy for you (you have no mercy for me)
Author: sionnain
Fandom: Durham County
Pairing: Mike Sweeney/Ray Prager (set pre-series, Mike and Ray are about 19 years old)
Rating: MA
Warnings: knifeplay, bondage, bloodplay (cutting), breathplay, rough sex.
Summary: Ray Prager comes home to Durham, and he burns like the summer sun.

AN: My thanks to snoopypez, waltzforanight and inlovewithnight for reading this over! (My run-on sentences need three betas, what.) This is a snippet (lolsnippet) from a larger backstory fic for these two that I am writing endcredits for her help_haiti donation! As today is her birthday and that fic is still not done because it's looooong, I wanted to give her some Mike/Ray Prager for a gift!fic! This takes place when Prager returns to Durham for a season break from the junior league hockey team (the St. John's Leafs, who became the Toronto Marlies in 2005), which I have him playing on in said larger fic which will, someday soon, be finished.

Fic comes with bonus!music download: Hatefuck, by The Bravery. It is from this song from which the title comes, and also I listened to it on repeat while writing this. It's totally my Mike/Prager song now. Much <3 to waltzforanight for sending me this one. *grins*

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[fic: "baby, i'm your man", rated ma, ds/dc]

Title: baby, i'm your man
Author: sionnain
Fandom: due South/Durham County crossover
Pairing: Mike Sweeney/Ray Kowalski
Rating: MA
Warnings: There are several references to consensual rough sex and implied consensual S&m, though none appears in this fic.
Spoilers: None for either show
Prompt: Woolly Mittens
Summary: Ray knows exactly what to expect when he pisses Mike off--it's when Ray makes him laugh that's the problem.

AN: Set early in the What Else Would You Have Me Be 'verse, in which Mike Sweeney moves to Chicago after season 1 of Durham County. I wanted to write quick, hot kinky porn. THE UNIVERSE THINKS IT'S FUNNY WHEN I SAY STUFF LIKE THAT AND IS ALL "LOLNO :D?". But there's porn, as per the point of this exercise, I promise! Also there's a lovely fangirl out there named waltzforanight who beta'd this for me and she is made of this: :D!!!!! Title from Don't Fear the Reaper.

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[podfic: modern love by penknife, discworld]

Title: Modern Love
Author: penknife
Reader: sionnain
Fandom: Discworld
Pairings: Mainly original characters (and OC/OC pairings), although Angua makes a brief appearance.
Rating: PG-13

AN: Recorded for penknife in celebration of More Joy Day 2010!

Download: Modern Love--MP3

(If you need another format, please ask and I will attempt to accommodate you!)

[podfic: powers of attraction by catwalksalone, due South, Ray/Ray]

Title: Powers of Attraction
Author: catwalksalone
Read by: sionnain
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Ray/Ray
Rating: R
Summary: With great power comes great responsibility, apparently.
Lucky for Ray and Ray, their powers? Not so great.

AN: Joyfully recorded in celebration of More Joy Day, for the delightful catwalksalone! Cat, I love this story and I just want you to know there were parts I had to re-record--SEVERAL TIMES OKAY--because I started giggling while reading them. Thank you to snoopypez for listening to this for me! Podfic!Beta! :)

Happy More Joy Day, Cat!!! *smishes*

Download: Powers of Attraction (M4a)
Powers of Attraction (MP3)

[podfic: Destination by spuffyduds, hard core logo, billy/joe]

Title: Destination
Author: spuffyduds
Read by: sionnain
Fandom: Hard Core Logo
Pairing: Billy/Joe
Rating: R
Warnings: (as written by the author) Dark, truly. Collapse )

AN: For spuffyduds, for More Joy Day! This is one of my most favorite fics, and I hope I did it any sort of justice. :)

Download: Destination (M4a file)
Destination (MP3)